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CTK - The Common Toolkit

The goal of CTK is to support biomedical image computing. CTK code is licensed under Apache 2.0. This means that users of CTK are allowed to use the code for academic, commercial, or other purposes without paying license fees or being restricted in their ability to redistribute their code or keep it private.

CTK works on topics that are not covered by existing toolkits that support the mutual interest and needs of the CTK community. The main scope of current CTK efforts includes the topics DICOM, DICOM Application Hosting, Widgets, and Plugin Framework.

Provides high-level classes supporting query and retrieve operations from PACS and local databases. Includes Qt widgets to easily set-up a server connection and to send queries and view the results. DCMTK is used as the underlying toolkit.

API DocsOpen Issues. Read more... CTK is also the home of dcmjs.

DICOM Application Hosting
Aims at creating a C++ reference implementation of the DICOM Part 19 Application Hosting specifications. It provides an infrastructure to create both hosts and hosted applications. The project is still in alpha status but may be useful for conformance testing and initial experimentation.

API DocsOpen Issues

A collection of Qt Widgets for usage in biomedical imaging applications.

ImageGalleryAPI DocsOpen Issues

Plugin Framework
A dynamic component system for C++, modeled after the OSGi specifications. It enables a development model where applications are (dynamically) composed of many different (reusable) components following a service oriented approach.

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Command Line Interfaces
A technology that allows the algorithms written as self-contained executables to be used in multiple end-user application environments without modifications.

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Although the CTK efforts are concentrated on the topics described above, there are a couple of other working areas covering topics like interoperability and software testing which might be of interest to the biomedical imaging community. Please see the links given below for more details.

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CTK builds on some awesome technology: 200px-GitHub.png Cmake-logo.png Qt-logo.png Python-powered-w-100x40.png Dcmtk-logo.png ItkLogo med.png VTKlogo.png