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This is a development idea for discussion and experimentation at the May, 2010 Hackfest

Possible vtkXIPActor (or vtkOpenInventorActor)

Proof of Concept

  • A link between vtk and xip could be done by following the example of the vtkOpenGLScriptedActor. In this example:
    • vtk sets up the rendering context as it normally does during a call to the Render() method on a vtkOpenGLRenderWindow
    • the actor's Render() method is responsible for calling the OpenGL API (in this case using PyOpenGL.
  • It should be possible to encapsulate OpenInventor scene graphs inside a similar structure.

Open issues

  • Mapping vtk events into OpenInventor events so that it is possible to interact with the XIP scene
  • Mapping xip inputs (like volume data) generically to a "Set*" methods on the vtk object.

Possible Usage

vtkXIPActor *xipActor = vtkXIPActor::New();