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Showcase application showing the DICOM retrieve and browse functionality of different CTK components.

Basic functionality

  • Provide a database managing Patient, Study and Series information
    • sql schema of header data
    • Import local files
      • Recursive traversal of directories
      • Parsing of DICOMDIR files (WIP@DKFZ)
      • Manage local database: delete files, re-index, (vacuum or other db admin as needed)
    • Query and Retrieve data from PACS
      • Search by different criteria
      • Configure PACS settings
      • Background listener that feeds into database
      • Efficient Study/Series move requests (integrate incremental queries into ctkDICOMModel)
    • Thumbnail preview of selected series
    • Quick single slice view
      • Zoom/pan
      • Level window
    • Search interface for local database (like Q/R search terms)
    • Helper code for attaching new volume data into proper DICOM format and into database
    • Store user code (send)
    • Export from database to external directory (possibly with DICOMDIR)
  • Structure Code for maximum reuses
    • Utilize and enhance DcmSCU/DcmSCP code for core networking and contribute back to dcmtk where possible
    • Provide ctk classes a Q_OBJECT wrappers around DcmSCU/P code
      • Core for non-GUI helpers
      • Widgets for QWidget subclasses
    • All Q_OBJECT code should provide a rich property/invokable API plus plenty of signals and slots of that applications using the code can have customizability and user feedback
    • Example helper applications like ctkDICOM, ctkDICOMIndexer, etc should be both demonstrations of the API and useful utilities in their own right
  • Provide testing environment
    • store/query/move/get tests
    • example server (dcmqrscp)
    • instructions for creating promiscuous server with cget so any user machine can test ctkDICOM networking