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CTK supports the common use of medical imaging software developments on different levels (not all of these levels are available yet). This ranges from loosely coupled applications (level 1: basically data exchange) to more and more tight integration (level 2: parameter exchange; level 3: exchange of events; level 4: exchange of services; level 5: complete integration).

CTK benefit for Host CTK benefit for App/Module
Level 1: DICOM Part 19

(Scenarios, Details)

  • Host communication
  • Data preparation for DataExchange interface
  • Default implementation of host business logic
  • Application communication
  • Default implementation of application business logic
Level 2: Command line interface

(Scenarios, Details)

  • parsing of parameter descriptions
  • GUI generation (optional)
  • publishing of parameter descriptions
Level 3: CTK event bus

(Scenarios, Details)

  • publish and subscribe for arbitrary communication between modules and applications
  • possibly out of process
Level 4: CTK services

(Scenarios, Details)

  • Component-based software development
  • Service discovery
  • Base services: event bus, configuration admin, logging, meta type management
Level 5: “Classic” C++


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